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It is very uncommon to find an espresso blend made from coffees of one single origin, but since we have access to 2 farms at different elevations, and the ability to process our coffee many different ways, we are able to create an incredibly nuanced blend with coffees from just one region. Washed bourbon coffee from the lower elevation Ayutepeque gives the blend a base of rich caramel, chocolate, and nut flavors, while the natural processed bourbon from el Manzano provides an intense fruity sweetness and syrupy body.

Terroir Information – Single Origin Blend


 Emilio Lopez Diaz, Fincas Ayutepeque & El Manzano


Santa Ana, El Salvador


1100-1500 masl


Red Bourbon, Pacas, Acaia  


Oct-Feb 2021/22

Harvest Method

Hand Picked (Selective)

Processing Method

Parchment-dried via mechanical demucilagination & fruit-dried (natural)

Drying Method

Patio and Mechanical

Export Grade

HG-EP/SHG-EP Natural 

Brew Parameters

there are many variables to consider when preparing espresso, differences in water chemistry, temperature, and pressure can effect the taste dramatically. These are the parameters we use in our shop with our water and equipment and should provide a good starting point at home: 

Dose: 19 g

Espresso: 40 g

Time: 26-30 seconds