Wholesale Partnerships

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Here at Topeca Coffee Roasters, wholesale partners are like family. We want to see you succeed in what ever venture you decide upon. Over the past decade we have worked diligently at assembling a skilled and professional coffee team. By choosing us as your coffee provider, not only will you be getting top quality specialty coffee, but your business will benefit from the following resources and services:
Coffee Specialists
Topeca has been in the roasting business for over a decade, and in the coffee growing business for 6 generations. We make it our mission to to learn everything we can about coffee, so that we can extend that knowledge to our customers. Our highly qualified in-house and extended staff includes several SCA Certified Baristas, 2 Q-Grader Certified Tasters, 3 Sommeliers, and 2 SCA Authorized Trainers. So whether you are a new business starting from scratch or an existing business looking to improve your coffee program, we are here to help.
Customer Support
We pride ourselves in providing quick and attentive support in both customer and technical services.
Coffee Paraphernalia
Your ability to make quality coffee is largely dependent on quality equipment. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff will help you make the right decisions based on your needs and your budget.
Maintenance & Repair
We work with Nine Bar Services, whose certified technicians make your life easier by performing routine maintenance on all of your equipment. Need something repaired? No problem, onsite repairs available, and if it’s something they need to take in to the shop, they can often give you a loaner.
Professional and continual employee training is key to a successful coffee program. We offer various types of workshops and classes, as well as personal barista training for exclusive partners. Onsite training is available as well as training at our SCA Certified Premier Training Campus.
Coffee Quality and Relationships
Our Quality Control Team cups coffee daily to insure consistency in roast and brew quality. Our Director of Coffee works directly with our farms in El Salvador and Brazil and other souring partners to insure improved sustainability and quality year after year. As our business grows, we intend to expand this direct relationship style of sourcing and purchasing into other origins.
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