Italian Roast Blend


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Our darkest roast, this blend harmonizes caramelized roast flavors on top of the sweet, chocolaty character of our coffees from Finca Ayutepeque and Fazenda Santana. If you new to our coffee, and are used to more commercial brands or just prefer darker roasts in general, this is a great place to start. This coffee offers a bold intensity of roast aroma and flavor, yet with a smooth finish that won't linger.

This is also a great coffee to use for espresso if you like a more traditional European style espresso. We recommend pulling a ristretto shot if you do, or a 1:1.5 espresso brew ratio (e.g., 18 grams coffee, yielding  27g of espresso in about 20 seconds). 

Terroir Information – Blend


Emilio Lopez Diaz, Finca Ayutepeque/Nazareth Dias Pereira, Fazenda Sertão


Santa Ana, El Salvador/Carmo de Minas, Mina Gerais, Brazil


100-1500 masl


Red & Yellow Bourbon, Pacas


Oct-Feb 2021-22/Jun-Aug 2021

Harvest Method

Hand Picked (Selective)/Mechanically

Processing Method

Parchment-dried via mechanical demucilagination/fruit-dried (natural)

Drying Method

Patio and mechanical

Export Grade

HG-EP/NY 2/3