Good Morning, Good Night Bundle

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Embrace the duality of your day with our "Good Morning, Good Night" Coffee Bundle, a harmonious fusion of flavors crafted to complement your mornings and evenings with equal grace. This thoughtful pairing includes a rich, caffeinated brew to kick-start your day and a smooth decaffeinated brew for moments of tranquil repose. Whether you're greeting the sunrise or bidding the day farewell, this bundle promises an exceptional coffee experience tailored to your every mood.

Colombia, Laboyano

Laboyano is the top quality lot carefully curated by our sourcing partners, The Coffee Quest, at their washing station in Pitalito, southern Huila. The name of this coffee comes from the Laboyano’s Valley, as the area around the city of Pitalito is called. The term Laboyano is, indeed, the colloquial Spanish word to refer to people from this region. So, the name is a tribute to the hard work of several dedicated Laboyanos who produce these high quality coffee varieties, which includes a generous amount of Pink Bourbon.

The cup offers a quintessential Huila profile, defined by a brown butter sweetness and creamy texture accented by a tart fruity acidity. Aromatic flavors of Amareno cherry, red grape, cola, and brown sugar, comingle to create a complex, yet balanced cup of coffee.

This lot is comprised of top quality single farmer lots that have each been cupped, graded against strict physical requirements and then strategically blended by The Coffee Quest's head buyer. All lots are fully traceable and producers are paid fair and transparent prices based on quality. 

House Decaf

We source our decaf from Café Imports, who's producer partners are based in Colombia. They start by selecting high quality Specialty grade coffees, grown by small producers. Then the coffee undergoes a direct-solvent based decaffeination process using naturally derived Ethyl Acetate from sugar cane. This method is often referred to as the "Sugar Cane E.A. process."

Sugar Cane E.A. processing starts by fermenting molasses derived from sugar cane to create ethanol (so basically rum). This alcohol is then mixed with acetic acid (vinegar), to create the compound ethyl acetate.

When the coffee is received at the decaffeination plant, it is first submitted to a condition of water and steam.  This elevates the moisture content in the seed and swells the interior porous structure in order to facilitate the extraction of the caffeine.  It is at this point, that the bean experiences an E.A. wash, which molecularly binds with and dissolves the caffeine. The seeds are then cleaned with fresh water, followed by steam, to clean the inner most pours of the seed.  Finally, the seeds are dried until reaching the moisture similar to which they had prior to the process. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green coffee's cellular structure, thus degrading the flavor quality of the coffee.

Out of all the processes, we find it to have the least impact on flavor quality. It is considered a safe to consume method, as after the cleaning/steaming/roasting process there is typically less than 1 part per million of E.A. residue left on the coffee. EA is only harmful to humans in excess of 400 parts per million.