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To fourth generation coffee farmer, Jorge Rojas, coffee is not just a career field he chose, but a part of his heritage. He began working in the industry at age thirteen, learning a great deal about the trade under the tutelage of his mother. Through inheritance and acquisition, Jorge started his own seven acre smallholding that he called El Jardin in Planadas, Tolima Colombia. There, he and his family work together to tend almost 14,000 plants which include a number of different cultivars that flourish in the high altitudes of Southwest Colombia. On his farm, he grows Caturra, Yellow and Pink Bourbon, as well as some Ethiopian heirloom varieties like Wush-Wush and the world famous Gesha. Jorge’s work goes well beyond the agricultural side of the coffee industry, as he also owns and operates his own roastery, La Roca. Jorge has ambitions for not just his own enterprises, but for his community at large. He and his team are currently building a mill where they plan to improve their processing not only for El Jardin, but for a number of the other producers in his region. Jorge, and the team at Finca El Jardin serve as a fantastic example of not only the hard work, resilience and dedication required to grow exceptional coffee, but also of how coffee agriculture is often an integral part of how people across the world connect to their communities and to their shared heritage. The confluence of these efforts shines through in the cup, and we couldn’t be more excited to be offering such a wonderful coffee brought to us by a truly gifted producer such as Jorge and his team at El Jardin.

This honey process coffee begins with clementine sweetness, a cantaloupe florality, and finishes off with a richness reminiscent of fresh hazelnut.

Terroir Information – Single Origin Blend


Jorge Rojas, Finca El Jardin


Planadas, Tolima


1500 masl


Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Pink Bourbon


Harvest Method

Processing Method


Drying Method


Export Grade

Don't own a grinder? Don't own a good grinder? Not a problem, let us expertly grind the coffee for you depending on the method with which you brew. We roast, grind and package your coffee to order, so it gets to you just a few days after roasting. We do recommend to consume pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks after opening to experience maximum freshness of flavor. 

Espresso (Fine) - best for home espresso machines, moka pot and some Aeropress recipes

Pour Over (Med-Fine) - best for single cup pour over methods with 2-3 min brew times: V60, Kalita, Malita, Clever, etc

Drip (Medium) - best for auto-drip makers and larger pour overs with 4-6 min brew times such as Chemex

French Press (Med-Coarse) - best for French press and cold brew methods. 


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