Animals of Coffee Sticker Pack


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Do you like collecting stickers? Well then, we have the goods for you. Check out our exclusive Animals of Coffee sticker set, designed for us by Tulsa artist, Jill Rutherford. This pack includes four 2-inch stickers featuring 3 of the most notorious coffee animals:

  • The Ethiopian Goat - perhaps the most famed coffee animal of all time, associated with the legend of Kaldi and his Dancing Goats. 
  • The Indonesian Palm Civet - an adorable, furry little jungle creature know best for...well...pooping out coffee. 
  • The Brazilian Penelope Jacutinga - If you've ever visited a coffee farm in Brazil, then you know the excited call of the Jacu well. These beautiful birds love to snack on fresh coffee cherries, its no wonder the their songs are so lively. 

Go ahead, throw a pack in your cart, support local art, customize your stuff.