3 Shades Bundle

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Not sure which roast level is right for you? We put together this collection consisting of three 4oz samples of our most popular blends developed to a light, medium, and medium-dark degree or roast. 

Santa Ana - is a blend of coffees from our original family farms in El Salvador, roasted to a lighter degree of roast for a mild, sweet, and slightly citrusy flavor. Lighter roasts are generally going to let the terroir flavors of the coffee come through. Best consumed unadulterated. 

Breakfast Blend - is a blend of coffees from our farms in El Salvador and Brazil, roasted to medium degree of roast for a fuller bodied, smooth, and balanced roasted flavor. Terroir flavors still peek through but are balanced with a little more caramel and cocoa flavors from the increased caramelization. Can stand up to a spot of cream. 

Italian Roast - is the same blend of beans as our Breakfast Blend, but taken a little deeper into the roast, for a smoky, bittersweet, roast-forward flavor. This degree of roast and above is where many traditional commercial coffees are roasted for that classic coffee flavor. Great choice for drinking with a little cream and sugar, or black if you prefer a robust cup.