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Embark on a captivating journey around the coffee-growing regions of the world with our Single-Origin Coffee Bundle. This exclusive collection features three extraordinary single-origin roasts, each carefully selected to showcase the distinctive flavors and aromas unique to their respective origins: El Salvador Ayutepeque, Colombia Laboyano, and Ethiopia Shakiso. Prepare to be enchanted by the diversity of flavor profiles, from the lush hills of El Salvador to the vibrant coffee estates of Colombia and the ancient coffee heritage of Ethiopia.

El Salvador, Ayutepeque

The original Topeca farm, established in 1850 by Santiago Diaz. Ayutepeque is medium size HG farm that spans about 65 hectares on the base of the Santa Ana volcano. The pure volcanic soil provides the coffee trees with all the nutrients to grow strong and healthy. We currently grow several varietals on this farm including: Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, and Acaia. This particular lot is blend of Bourbon and Pacas.

Being at a lower altitude to our other farm El Manzano, the coffee produced here is typically less dense with lower levels of acidity, and richer nutty/cocoa aromas and flavors. A great all-around coffee for those just exploring Specialty coffee!

Ethiopia Shakiso

Our 2021 crop selection comes to us from Kayon Mountain Farm in the Shakiso district of East Guji. Unlike the majority of coffees produced in Ethiopia; that is, grown by communities of small landholders (or home garden systems), Kayon Mountain Farm is a single farm estate owned and operated by a single proprietor. This proprietor is Ismael Hassen Aredo, who along with his family, has been running the organic certified farm since 2012.

One advantage of a single estate coffee over community lots, is the ability to oversee qualities at every stage from nursery to the wet mill. And Ismael does so meticulously, separating lots for quality and full traceability.

In the cup, expect exactly what you want from a top quality fruit dried Ethiopian coffee. A burst of floral and berry aromas, fruity acidity, syrupy body, and lasting sweet finish.  

Colombia, Laboyano

Laboyano is the top quality lot carefully curated by our sourcing partners, The Coffee Quest, at their washing station in Pitalito, southern Huila. The name of this coffee comes from the Laboyano’s Valley, as the area around the city of Pitalito is called. The term Laboyano is, indeed, the colloquial Spanish word to refer to people from this region. So, the name is a tribute to the hard work of several dedicated Laboyanos who produce these high quality coffee varieties, which includes a generous amount of Pink Bourbon.

The cup offers a quintessential Huila profile, defined by a brown butter sweetness and creamy texture accented by a tart fruity acidity. Aromatic flavors of Amareno cherry, red grape, cola, and brown sugar, comingle to create a complex, yet balanced cup of coffee.

This lot is comprised of top quality single farmer lots that have each been cupped, graded against strict physical requirements and then strategically blended by The Coffee Quest's head buyer. All lots are fully traceable and producers are paid fair and transparent prices based on quality.