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Our Top Box represents a snapshot of some of the best coffee selections we have to offer on a monthly basis. It typically contains a mix of 4oz bags of limited availability micro-lots, fresh crop arrivals, and/or new seasonal blends. In May, savor the arrival of seasonal delights with our coffees boasting rich notes of clove, berry, and citrus.

In the Box:

Finca El Manzano Pacamara Natural

This native El Salvadoran variety came about by crossbreeding another distinctly El Salvadoran cultivar, Pacas, with Maragogipe, a coffee first discovered in Bahia, Brazil as the result of a natural mutation of Typica. Hence the name, Pacamara, and as the name implies it takes some of the best attributes from both of its parent plants. We have sourced Pacamara at peak freshness from our farms for a number of years, and this year we’re beyond excited to offer it once more, this time as a fruit dried natural. Our roast profile for this coffee was honed with care to coax out the flavors our team found in the coffee cherry itself so that fans of this coffee could experience at least a fraction of what we tasted in the test garden at Finca El Manzano. Having been grown in the high and considerably steep elevations of the El Salvadoran rainforest in the rich volcanic soil of the Santa Ana volcano, this coffee stands to be among the very best Pacamara lots we’ve tried, and not least from Finca El Manzano. With the onset of summertime upon us, this coffee is sure to satisfy those looking for a tropical fruit profile with a robust and spicy undertone.

Rwanda Simbi Washed

This particular coffee was harvested in late 2023 from a group of 300 smallholdings, all located at elevations ranging between 1710-1850 masl, which makes this lot a strictly high grown coffee. What’s more is that this coffee is a single cultivar of Red Bourbon. Coffees from this region continue to flourish year over year and as such have proliferated to become well known for their sensory attributes. The washed coffees of Rwanda are remarkably clean and distinct, even in the midst of the multitude of excellent coffees to be found in East Africa.This offering has a dynamic yet delicate acidity that lends itself to a fruit forward flavor profile than one may not expect from a washed coffee.
For a washed coffee, this Rwandan has a complex acidity with a pastry forward cherry cobbler note, a white grape sweetness and a nutmeg baking spice finish.

Ethiopia Shakiso Natural

This crop selection comes to us from Kayon Mountain Farm in the Shakiso district of East Guji. Kayon Mountain farm has a nursery on-site and utilizes shade (acacia and other indigenous trees) to protect the coffee as well as for creating compost to fertilize naturally. Ismael is meticulous about not only the structure and management of the farm itself but also the harvesting and processing. Both Natural and Washed lots are produced on the property. One advantage of a single estate coffee over community lots, is the ability to oversee qualities at every stage from nursery to the wet mill. And Ismael does so meticulously, separating lots for quality and full traceability. 

In the cup, expect exactly what you want from a top quality fruit dried Ethiopian coffee. A burst of floral and berry aromas, fruity acidity, syrupy body, and lasting sweet finish. 

Don't own a grinder? Don't own a good grinder? Not a problem, let us expertly grind the coffee for you depending on the method with which you brew. We roast, grind and package your coffee to order, so it gets to you just a few days after roasting. We do recommend to consume pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks after opening to experience maximum freshness of flavor. 

Espresso (Fine) - best for home espresso machines, moka pot and some Aeropress recipes

Pour Over (Med-Fine) - best for single cup pour over methods with 2-3 min brew times: V60, Kalita, Malita, Clever, etc

Drip (Medium) - best for auto-drip makers and larger pour overs with 4-6 min brew times such as Chemex

French Press (Med-Coarse) - best for French press and cold brew methods. 


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