Sweet Tooth Bundle

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This thoughtfully crafted bundle includes exquisite Vanilla Bean Syrup, KYYA Chocolate Sauce, a charming pack of stickers, and a premium 12 oz bag of coffee. Each component is carefully selected to enhance your daily brew and bring a touch of luxury to your coffee rituals.

Vanilla Bean Syrup: Unlock the sweet sophistication of pure vanilla with our Vanilla Bean Syrup. Made from the finest vanilla beans, this syrup adds a velvety richness to your coffee, transforming each sip into a delightful, aromatic experience. Elevate your lattes, cappuccinos, and even desserts with this indulgent treat.
From Pinkhousealchemy.com:
Our vanilla bean syrup is a labor of love. We bring in barrels of raw vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar and use every piece of every bean. We split them, scrape the insides, chop the outsides, and use a double filter process to create an added richness. All the fuss is worth it: we’ve found that there is some kind of magic in the agitation of the skin, bean by bean. Try it—we think you’ll agree!

KYYA Chocolate Sauce: Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate bliss with KYYA Chocolate Sauce. Crafted with the highest quality cocoa, this sauce brings a decadent and silky-smooth texture to your coffee creations. Drizzle it over your favorite beverage, stir it into a mocha, or let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of this luxurious chocolate infusion.

Pack of Stickers: Express your love for coffee culture with our exclusive pack of stickers designed for us by Tulsa artist, Jill Rutherford. Adorn your coffee mug, laptop, or any surface with these vibrant and stylish stickers that celebrate the the animals behind a good cup of coffee. Each design is a perfect reflection of the passion that fuels your daily grind.
    •    The Ethiopian Goat - perhaps the most famed coffee animal of all time, associated with the legend of Kaldi and his Dancing Goats. 
    •    The Indonesian Palm Civet - an adorable, furry little jungle creature know best for...well...pooping out coffee. 
    •    The Brazilian Penelope Jacutinga - If you've ever visited a coffee farm in Brazil, then you know the excited call of the Jacu well. These beautiful birds love to snack on fresh coffee cherries, its no wonder the their songs are so lively. 

Premium 12 oz Bag of Coffee: Choose from five of our top selling coffees curated to cater to the diverse tastes of coffee enthusiasts like you. Crafted with precision and passion, each coffee in this collection tells a unique story through its distinctive flavor profile. Now, you have the power to choose the perfect brew that suits your mood and cravings.
Indulge in the Ultimate Indulgence Bundle and transform your coffee routine into a daily celebration of flavor and style. Elevate your mornings, elevate your afternoons - because you deserve nothing but the best.