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Prepare to savor the very essence of our best-selling coffee with the Best Seller Duo Coffee Bundle, featuring two iconic blends that have captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. This bundle combines our renowned Breakfast Blend and Signature Espresso Blend, creating the perfect balance of morning cheer and all-day satisfaction. Whether you're greeting the sunrise or seeking a comforting cup throughout the day, this duo is your pathway to coffee excellence.

Breakfast Blend

Our most popular coffee. This is a blend of direct trade coffees from our farms in El Salvador and Brazil. This coffee is made to be a simple well-balanced cup, sure to get you up and where you need to be in the morning. A smooth medium roast, with chocolaty, caramelized, sweet nutty flavors.

Signature Espresso Blend

It is very uncommon to find an espresso blend made from coffees of one single origin, but since we have access to 2 farms at different elevations, and the ability to process our coffee many different ways, we are able to create an incredibly nuanced blend with coffees from just one region. Washed bourbon coffee from the lower elevation Ayutepeque gives the blend a base of rich caramel, chocolate, and nut flavors, while the natural processed bourbon from El Manzano provides an intense fruity sweetness and syrupy body.