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Our Top Box represents a snapshot of some of the best coffee selections we have to offer on a monthly basis. It typically contains a mix of 4oz bags of limited availability micro-lots, fresh crop arrivals, and/or new seasonal blends. In May, savor the arrival of seasonal delights with our coffees boasting rich notes of clove, berry, and citrus.

In the Box:

Zambia Kateshi Estate Natural

When it comes to coffees grown in Southeast Africa, most people are familiar with coffees grown in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, but coffees from places such as Malawi and Zambia are much harder to come by. Our newest offering comes from a small community called the Kateshi Estate in the Northern Province of Zambia, a region that we here at Topeca have never before sourced coffee from. Since we began working with Covoya Coffee Importers over the last year, their team has been instrumental in not only offering interesting coffees from regions that can often be overlooked, but also for their goals in supporting the communities they source from. Community is perhaps the best word to describe the story behind this coffee as the Kateshi Estate, with Covoya’s support, provides access to safe drinking water, primary and secondary education, a medical clinic and pharmacy to over 20,000 residents that call this area home. They even sponsor a local football team called the Kateshi Coffee Bullets who currently compete in the Zambian 1st Division. In a part of the world where women are oftentimes excluded from roles in leadership and operating specialized equipment, the Kateshi estate is challenging the status quo by being the only coffee producer in Zambia that currently employs women to operate heavy machinery such as bull-dozers, road graders, and tractors. This Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee contains two primary arabica cultivars, Castillo and Catimor that are grown using a combination of center-pivot irrigation systems and traditional row by row agriculture that are wide enough to accommodate tractor harvesters, shifting a great deal of the most difficult work from the workers to specialty machinery. These two cultivars are much more common in South and Central America and were cultivated to have a high resistance to coffee rust due to their shared lineage with canephora coffee. These coffees, and Castillo specifically, tend to produce a rather distinct flavor profile that could be described as robust, herbaceous and wild, and in this cup you’ll find all of those traits and more as the natural process has imparted an intensity that we simply could not pass up. This offering aligns perfectly with our goals at Topeca, to support and highlight hard working folks around the world who strive to produce excellent coffee with equity, sustainability, and passion.

This Zambian natural kicks off with notes of a mellow cherry cola, spanish lime zest, and a rich candied walnut finish.

Jorts July Blend

Summer is officially in full swing and we’re all doing our best to stay cool. So what better way to stay cool than to churn out a brand new blend to see us through Oklahoma’s worst? Jorts July is here, and we’re beyond ready to share it with our community! As the name implies, this blend came about as a way to compliment our warm weather blend, Crop Top, but in this iteration, we’re taking a walk on the lighter side. Much lighter in fact, as Jorts July is the lightest roast profile we’ve ever released. So get your mugs and glasses ready for a bright acidic and fruit forward complexity that will satisfy those looking for a punchy coffee that holds up well when poured over ice for those hot summer days. This blend includes a combination of naturally processed specialty microlots from Topeca’s family farms in El Salvador, in this cup you’ll find both SL-34 from La Cumbre as well as a splash of Pacamara from El Manzano. This offering is for everyone who loves a good cup of coffee, but especially for folks who love summertime, light roasts, denim jorts, and a heckin’ good time. Stop by our shops for a quick cup or hit up our online store to get some sent directly to your door. Cheers to an excellent summer!

Supernatural Espresso Blend

Our team has tried a great number of incredible fruit-dried coffees over the years, and for a long while, we’ve sought to create a blend comprised of offerings from around the globe that compliment one another to build something greater than the sum of its parts. This was the concept behind Supernatural, a blend that features strictly high grown coffees from Santa Ana, El Salvador, Aceh, Sumatra and a rainforest alliance certified coffee from Katana, DR Congo. This roast profile went through a number of iterations in order to find the perfect balance of the fruit flavors one would expect to find in a naturally processed coffee while developing the underlying chocolatey notes to ground your tasting experience. 

Don't own a grinder? Don't own a good grinder? Not a problem, let us expertly grind the coffee for you depending on the method with which you brew. We roast, grind and package your coffee to order, so it gets to you just a few days after roasting. We do recommend to consume pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks after opening to experience maximum freshness of flavor. 

Espresso (Fine) - best for home espresso machines, moka pot and some Aeropress recipes

Pour Over (Med-Fine) - best for single cup pour over methods with 2-3 min brew times: V60, Kalita, Malita, Clever, etc

Drip (Medium) - best for auto-drip makers and larger pour overs with 4-6 min brew times such as Chemex

French Press (Med-Coarse) - best for French press and cold brew methods. 


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