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Coffee Geek Classes

Coffee Geek class offerings are geared towards the non-professional who have an interest in specialty coffee, beyond simply drinking it. Explore the classes below to find out more information on our brewing, roasting, and tasting classes and events.

These classes are scheduled on a sign up basis. If you wish to enroll, simply book the class you want on a preferred date. We'll follow up shortly after to schedule the class one on one. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

If you are looking for SCA Coffee Skills Program courses please visit our Coffee Campus page.

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Topeca Instruments Division (TID) is a Premier Authorized Campus located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, delivering professional coffee education under the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Program. Our goal is to make industry education convenient and approachable for anyone seeking to develop skills and knowledge in the specialty coffee trade. Whether you are brand new to specialty coffee, or are a working professional looking to continue your education, TID offers a variety of trade-specific courses from beginner to professional level.

Why Choose Topeca?

– Central Location
– Discounted Lodging at Hyatt Regency
– Free Lunches
– Free Transit
– Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

We make booking your hotel easy. Just follow the below link to book your stay at special pricing just for TID students. 

Click to Book Hyatt Regency Downtown at Discounted Rate

The Hyatt Regency also provides free shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as to and from TID the days of the workshop. There are many restaurants, shops, and parks within walking distance from the hotel, so renting a car shouldn’t be necessary during your stay.

We will provide lunch during classes, so no need to worry about that. Please let us know if you have special dietary restrictions or allergies upon booking.

Our Experience and Track Record

Topeca Coffee Roasters has been in the specialty industry since 2005. We began as coffee farmers on the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador over 150 years ago. We became a vertically integrated coffee business in 2002; investing in a mill, roastery, and retail cafes. We coined this model “Seed-to-Cup.” Operating as a Seed-to-Cup coffee company has given us a unique perspective within the industry; one that allows us to see the “big picture,” and understand the intricacies of every step of the supply chain.

Your classes and candid real-world experience reinvigorated my passion for knowledge, and sparked a desire to dig even deeper. It was great to be around people who are so passionate about roasting and brewing amazing coffee - and are open to speaking about the pro's and con's of it all! I truly believe that experiences like [I had at TID] last week can change the future for a small business like mine, so thank you for being a positive influence on my journey.

– Matt Yarmey
Pure Intentions Coffee

My experience at Topeca was very inspiring. It was encouraging to see such a quality and detailed oriented staff. I took the Gold cup Technician pathway, the course work was taught in a very proficient manner and the bonus material that Ian provided far surpassed the cost of the course. I will be a returning student!

– Raymond Orate
Zumbar Coffee & Tea

I just completed the Roasters 2 training and could not be more pleased. The instructors were very knowledgeable and were good at teaching, the environment was top notch, and having everything bundled together – including hotel – was most helpful. It was great having other roasters in the class to be able to learn and share from each other about our businesses.
Great job Topeca!

– Quinn Shultz
Peritus Coffee Roasters
Owner/Head Roaster

Ian made this entire experience not only very much worth my time educationally, but also made me feel warm and welcome. He is incredibly informed in so many areas, I hold him in very high regard!

– Anonymous TID Student

Ian was incredibly knowledgeable about the science of coffee and sensory evaluation. I learned a lot about cupping, how to properly score and evaluate beans (green and roasted). These classes definitely helped further my sensory skills and experience in the Specialty Coffee industry

– Anonymous TID Student

The whole Topeca team is not only great at what they do but they are some of the nicest and most down to earth people. They were excellent in communicating details leading up to the class, they were so friendly when I arrived, and they were transparent in their knowledge - they held nothing back. The money that was spent to take this class was well worth the amount of knowledge I received.

– Katie Dawson
Oklahoma City, OK

I took the Golden Cup and the Coffee Taster Packages here hoping for a smaller class size and less distractions than what is offered at SCAA Expo or Barista Camp. That's exactly what I got. Ian Picco has a wealth of knowledge and conveys it very well to the diverse mix of coffee professionals attending here in Tulsa. The TID lab is a great learning environment and thoughtfully designed. Thanks to Chip and everyone at Topeca for your hospitality!

– Colin Shannon
Future Retail Owner/Barista

Ian was such a great instructor. I learned a ton. Topeca did an amazing job, I can't say enough about how impressed I was and felt like I got what I paid for and more. I can still taste the top notch espresso and loved the warming hospitality from the entire staff.

– Anonymous TID Student

I attended Roaster Level 1 at Topeca. I found the information and experience to be invaluable to my new roasting company. Ian always makes him self available for advice; he has a vast knowledge of the coffee industry. Thank you for all your help!

– Rick Hessner
Royal Bean, Dallas