It takes 00.5 seconds to say the words “Seed-to-Cup”, and only 00.05 to read the words “Seed-to-Cup” on this page; but do most people ever really wonder how long that journey actually is? As I sat in the lab at Cuatro M sorting through samples of green coffee I had pulled from the warehouse earlier that day, staring into endless piles of green bean cleaning out any defects, it hit me just how many hands a coffee has to pass through before ending up in your cup. It’s really quite astounding if you realize it. And to think for so long coffee producers were getting paid next to nothing for their hard work. Even with the coffee market as it is today with prices well over $3 a pound for specialty grade green, it still seems like very little to pay once you’ve had the chance to be involved at every step of the Seed-to-Cup process. In America, where we buy our food in clean, safe grocery stores or restaurants, it’s easy to never once wonder where your food actually comes from. How many hands have touched that apple before you put it in your mouth?

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