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Available for pre-order now, our 2nd Limited Edition release of 2018: Manzano Mokka Natural. You will certainly be charmed upon opening this package of coffee and setting your eyes on the worlds tiniest wittle coffee beans. But don’t be fooled by the small size, this coffee is as delicious as it is adorable.

So, what’s so special about this coffee anyhow? Well for starters, the entire yield for this year was only 12 lbs of green coffee. Which means I’ll yield about 10 lbs of roasted coffee, or 25 Limited Edition 6oz containers. Several years ago, Emilio brought back some seeds from Maui, which is one of the only origins in the world that grows this cultivar on a commercial scale. He planted about a dozen plants in his “variety garden” outside the farm house on Finca el Manzano to see how they’d grow and what they would taste like.

Mokka is a mutation of the cultivar known as Bourbon, which is the cultivar we grow most on the farm. This mutation likely originated in Yemen, and was then propagated into the Americas during the late 1800s by the French via Bourbon Island (Reunion Island). Its name was likely based of the port city of Mocha in Yemen. The mutation results in a short bushy shrub that produces very small fruit/seeds. Do to the small size, it makes this cultivar much harder to harvest by hand and is probably one reason it is not more widely cultivated. The cup profile is typically that of a heavy, creamy body, with low acidity and mild fruit like flavors. This lot was harvested in January and dried in its fruit on raised beds, so much of the coffee fruit character is still intact. However, this isn’t an in-your-face natural, like our Ethiopian Ardi, or Manzano Bourbon Natural. It is a very gentle coffee with great balance and structure.

This will be one coffee that you will not be likely to find often on the market, unless you are a regular consumer of coffees from Maui, so go ahead and grab a tube while you can. This will sell out very quick with only 25 6oz tubes available. The roast/ship date is June 29. Pre-order only.


Ian Picco

Director of Coffee

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