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When we think of Indonesian coffee, we tend first to think of the traditional wet-hulled coffees grown on the island of Sumatra. But Sumatra is just one of 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia, and indeed just one flavor profile you can find throughout the diverse archipelago. The Dutch were the first to bring coffee to Indonesia, planting fields from the early 1600s; first in the islands of Java, then Sulawesi and Sumatra. Other Europeans, Germans and Brits mainly, began planting coffee in Papua New Guinea much later on in the 19th century. Each of these 4 main coffee producing islands have their own unique cup profile, which is the result of the diverse terroir, cultivar selection, and processing technique.

This superb lot of coffee from the region of Toraja is the result of the fastidious work of Japanese-Indo joint operation PT Toarco Jaya and the communities of small farmers they work with. Toarco Jaya mill is very strict about their cherry selections, processing technique and sorting. What really makes them and this coffee stand apart from the rest of Sulawesi is that the coffee is washed and fully dried in parchment, rather than the traditional wet-hulling process practiced throughout much of Indonesia. The result is a coffee with much more clarity, sweetness and much less astringency and environmental flavors often found in wet-hulled coffees.

We look forward to this season every year, when these coffees first arrive to the U.S. during Dec-Feb. You have to jump on them quick, but they often sell quickly. We offer this to you to enjoy while it lasts. In the cup expect a coffee with an exceptionally round body, lingering sweetness, and balanced acidity. The aromas are enticing, with an array of dried fruits, vanilla, and baking spices.


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