El Salvador Finca Buena Fe




Grown by Jorge Alberto Recinos on his farm Finca Buena Fe, in the Cheletenango region of El Salvador, this intense coffee shines in the cup. Cheletenango is well known for growing pacamara coffee, which is a hybrid of Pacas and Maragogipe. The result is something better and stronger than its parents; a large sized cherry that is typically more resistant to the El Salvador climate. The flavor profile is intense, with lush fruity and floral aromas and an elegant acidity. This particular lot was honey processed, or pulp-dried, which means the sticky mucilage layer was left to dry on the seed, rather than being washed off, as would be the case in a washed/parchment-dried process. The result being an increase in complexity and a fuller mouthfeel. Night quite as fruit forward as a full natural/fruit-dried coffee, but a great balance of fruit notes and earthier terroir flavors.

Dig it.

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