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Form many years, we’ve had a great relationship with specialty coffee farmers cooperative Cedro Alto based in Pereira, Colombia. Each year we work directly with Cedro Alto’s Director of Logistics to source us some of the best coffee grown in the Tolima region by small family farmers. This area of Colombia was severely effected by the armed conflict that occured during the 1990’s, displacing many families from their homes. The region is only now in a stage of  recuperation. Cedro Alto is helping small farmers in many ways, from instructing farmers on better agricultural, harvesting and processing techniques to improve cup quality, and connecting their coffee directly to roasters who pay fair, stable compensation for unique microlots with full transparency.

This lot is produced by Javier Rubio, on his 5 hectare farm Finca el Libano at 1800 masl in the south of Gaitania, Tolima. It is is comprised of Cattura, Cololombia, and Typica cultivars, which is picked ripe, fermented for 24hrs, washed, and dried on raised beds. The cup profile is one of dense sweetness, dark cherry and cola flavors, accented by fresh acidity, and lingering spice finish.

Indeed, one of my favorite go-to coffees.


Ian Picco, Director of Coffee

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