Cubicle Cafe


$251.00 $150.00


Can’t stand the swill they are trying to pass off as coffee in the breakroom? Wanna brew like a boss and never have to leave your desk? We have you covered.

What’s Included?

1x Hario Electric Buono Kettle ($85 MSRP)

1x Hario Acrylic Box Hand Grinder ($60 MSRP)

1x Hario V60 O2 Glass Dripper ($22 MSRP)

1x Hario Drip Scale/Timer ($60 MSRP)

1x V60 02 Paper Filters 100pk ($8 MSRP)

1x FREE 12oz bag of Topeca Coffee!*  ($12-16 MSRP)

Combined MSRP: $ 251

Topeca’s Special Pricing: $150 (That’s $101 in savings!)


* upon Checkout, please specify which coffee you’d like and grind preference in the comment box.


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