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This coffee comes to us from the Buhorwa Washing Station via Crop to Cup Importers. Buhorwa consists of one washing station and 3 collection centers around the region. Owning these collection centers play an important role in easing the distance small farmers have to travel to bring their cherry to market, increases the ability to separate lots based on region and quality, and insures farmer traceability that makes post-harvest farmer premiums to be paid out.


You’ll enjoy this coffee if you like Rwandan coffees. It has a similar citrus/grapefruit profile, but with a back bone of brown spices, savory pepper, and chocolate notes (which I consider distinctly Burundian). All around sweet, round and balanced. This is a small lot and won’t be around the roaster long, so pick up a bag today!

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12oz Bag, 2lbs Bag


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