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Our friends at Crop to Cup Coffee Importers are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box coffees. They tend to go to the lesser known coffee growing regions, and find exceptional coffees that don’t always get the credit they deserve. This lot of Kenya Peaberry is a gem, and our friends at Crop to Cup worked hard to bring it to fruition. This coffee is produced by the Boma Factory in the western Rift Valley region, which serves about 250 small farmers form the area West of the Mau Reserve in the country of Kericho. This region is lesser known than the region of Nyeri, about 260 km to the east, which produces most of Kenya’s specialty coffee. But with coffees this good, the Rift Valley is giving Nyeri a run for their money!


This year we are featuring two lots from Boma, the AA grade, which means that all the beans are uniformly large. And the PB, for “Peaberry,” which comes from cherries that only produce 1 seed instead of the usual 2 seeds. The resulting peaberry is typically small in size in rounded in shape. I think contrasting these two lots is a great deal of fun. These two lots showcase perfectly what the difference in bean size can produce. I find AA Kenyans to showcase the best balance in the cup, and the Boma AA is no exception. You will find a harmony of fragrance, aroma, taste, and texture in the cup. The body of the AA is rounded with juicy fruit notes, toned acidity, slightly creamy texture. The PB on the other hand is all about having fun. This is indeed why I tend to prefer PBs. They typically pack a punch in aroma, sweetness, and acidity. The Boma PB doesn’t disappoint. In comparison to the AA the it has a more lively acidity with a crisper finish. It tantalizes the nose with more intense fragrance, and leaves deeper brown spice notes in the aftertaste. I wouldn’t say the PB is unbalanced by any means, but it does lack that certain “show quality” perfection that comes from the AA, which is what makes it unique and standout delicious.

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