Frequently Asked Questions

What all comes with the subscription/what are my choices?

Our subscription selections include all our flagship blends. If you choose Seasonal Selection, you'll receive a rotating single origin or blend that changes each month. You have your pick of bag size, grind, quantity, and frequency of delivery.


How often can I get a delivery?

You can choose from receiving fresh roasted coffee every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.


Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! No fee to cancel. Just sign into your account on our home page and cancel the subscription in your dashboard.


Can I suspend my subscription then reactivate at a later date?

Going on vacation, emptied your checking account on that vacation last week? No worries, just sign into your account on our home page, go to the "My  Subscriptions" dashboard and click "Suspend." Come back at anytime to reactive.


Can I change my subscription (coffee, frequency, qty...)?

You have full control of your subscription by logging into your account on our homepage. On your "My Subscriptions" you can do things like, cancel, suspend/reactive, change your billing info, shipping info, and change your subscription contents.


When do the automatic payments occur?

Payments are automatically posted the day prior to your next scheduled order date. You can always sign in to your account and view your upcoming order date. You can also view your order history.


Can I choose free ``In-Store Pickup`` shipping option if I live locally?"

Absolutely, just chose the appropriate "In-Store Pickup" option upon checkout. Just note that we make regular deliveries to our shops on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We ask that you please wait until you receive a pick-up confirmation, or phone call from our baristas before coming in to retrieve your order.


What comes the Seasonal Selection option?

We are always bringing in new crop selections throughout the year. When you choose this option, you'll receive a new offering on a monthly basis. This could be either a single origin variety, or a seasonal blend that we are running.