Third Wave Water - 2 pk


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Looking for the perfect water to brew your coffee? You finally found it! Third Wave Water's Classic Profile is a perfect fit for most Topeca Coffees. 

The Classic Profile was created to give you the best experience with your daily coffee brewing styles:

  • Light to Medium Roast Coffees
  • Coffee Drip Brewer. Some examples include: Mr. Coffee™, Keurig™, Moccamaster, etc. This is the most common brewing method.
  • Manual brew methods. Some examples include: French Press, Chemex™ pour over, Hario™ V60 pour over, etc.

Just mix one packet of Classic Profile with one gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water, e voila! Perfect water with the correct balance of minerals to make your home brewed coffee taste as it would brewed at our cafe. 

Benefits of using Third Wave Water: 

  • Optimal Extraction 
  • Reduced Bitterness
  • Protects your coffee maker from limescale