Kinto 17oz Travel Tumbler


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There are a multitude of travel tumbler options out there. Most of them are cheap generic pieces of junk all made from the same factory with a different design slapped on the outside of them. NOT THIS ONE! 

The Kinto 500ml Travel Tumbler may be the best designed tumbler we've come across yet. The double wall stainless steel design will keep your beverage piping hot or frigid cold for many hours. That should be a given for any quality tumbler, but where the genius of this tumbler comes in is its 2-peice lid design. The top part of the lid screws off so you sip from the tumbler with confidence. You see, they put a splash guard in the lower lid so you don't get scalding hot coffee coming at you all at once. Rather, you get a nicely controlled stream of liquid that is funneled neatly into your mouth without the burn risk. The rim also has comfortable ergonomics that is pleasant to sip from. Unlike most "sip-through" lids on other tumblers, this design engages your olfactory sense by allowing the aromas to make their way to your nose while sipping. This equates to a fuller flavor experience. The bottom lid screws off for easy filling and cleaning. 


Not for use in microwave, oven, or dishwasher. Hand-wash recommended.