Nicaragua Un Regalo de Dios


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Finca Un Regalo de Dios (literally "A Gift from God" in Spanish) is located in the Mozonte Municipality of Nueva Segovia, on the northern border of Nicaragua. This region is well known for producing the finest coffees in Nicaragua, and the finest of these coming from both this farm and the Las Segovias mill run by Balladarez Family. 

The Balladarez family has been running the business for three generations and have perfected their farming and processing techniques over this time. The 72 hectare farm sits at an alitiude of 1350 - 1700 meters above sea level and is planted with several varieties of coffee. Luis Alberto and his family oversee the operations of the farm and are meticulous about processing. The farm has become very well known for its honey and natural processed coffees, which they dry on shaded raised beds and monitor fermentation and moisture very closly in order to yeild consistently delicious fruit-forward cup profiles. 

The microlot that we are offering here is a fruit-dried iteration of the Pacamara variety grown on the farm. Pacamara is a special hybrid cultivar that is a cross of El Salvador Pacas and Brazilian Maragogipe. The resulting seed is about double the size of the average Bourbon-derived cultivars, and tends to have an intensly floral and herbacious cup profile. What makes this microlot even more special is that it has been sorted to include only the smallest screen sizes of beans from the lot, something you typically don't see done with Pacamara. The result here is that the smaller beans tend to also be the densest beans, which equates to a more concentrated flavor in the cup. 

Our roast aims at highlighting the fruit-dried characteristics of this boutique microlot. The aroma is floral and fruity, leading to flavors reminiscent of green caramel apple and fresh sugar cane juice. It has a syrupy mouthfeel and a playful acidity. Enjoy this while it last, we only have a few sacks of this special coffee. 


Terroir Information – Single Origin


Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada


Nueva Segovia


1350-1700 masl


Pacamara (small beans)



Harvest Method

Hand Picked (Selective)

Processing Method


Drying Method

Raised beds, shaded

Export Grade

Specialty SHB-EP

Don't own a grinder? Don't own a good grinder? Not a problem, let us expertly grind the coffee for you depending on the method with which you brew. We roast, grind and package your coffee to order, so it gets to you just a few days after roasting. We do recommend to consume pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks after opening to experience maximum freshness of flavor. 

Espresso (Fine) - best for home espresso machines, moka pot and some Aeropress recipes

Pour Over (Med-Fine) - best for single cup pour over methods with 2-3 min brew times: V60, Kalita, Malita, Clever, etc

Drip (Medium) - best for auto-drip makers and larger pour overs with 4-6 min brew times such as Chemex

French Press (Med-Coarse) - best for French press and cold brew methods.