Costa Rica Alto El Vapor CM


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A woman-owned farm, Alto El Vapor Micromill is one of the highest-elevation farms in the Tarrazu growing region. The farm is very experiment with processing and currently specializes in natural, honey, and anaerobic variations. 

This lot, designated "CM" has undergone a processing technique known (more so to the wine world up until recently) as carbonic maceration before the coffee is dried on patios. This technique has been popular as of late in the specialty coffee world, with many producers experimenting with it to produce distinctive flavors. While there are many technical aspects of this process that can vary greatly from one producer to the next, the general technique involves placing freshly harvested coffee cherries into a sealed container for a given amount of time to allow the cherries to ferment in an anaerobic (low oxygen) environment and under the pressure of their own weight. As the cherries crush themselves and the fresh juice begins to ferment, carbon dioxide displaces oxygen from the container. This process differs from the typical fermentation methods used in coffee processing, wherein the cherries tend to be pulped first and the parchment/seeds are then fermented in open basins in oxygen-rich environment to loosen the pulp layer from the parchment/seeds. After fermenation, this lot was pulpled, leaving the pulp layer attached to the parchment to dry on covered raised beds. The end result of anaerobic carbonic maceration tends to produce a coffee with greater acidity and fruitier flavors. 

In this cup, you'll find flavors of tart cherry, panela, baking spice, with a lively winey acidity and syrupy body. 

So if you've been wondering what all the buzz about "Anaerobic" coffee is, then grab yourself a bag. This one is an and exceptional choice. If you are just getting your feet wet with anaerobic/carbonic maceration coffees, we might also suggest our Brazil Irmas Pereira CM coffee, which is a little more tame and balanced of a cup. Heck, try em' both!

Terroir Information – Single Origin


Alto El Vapor Micromill


Tarrazu, Costa Rica 


2000-2100 masl




December-April 2022/23

Harvest Method

Hand Picked (Selective)

Processing Method

Anaerobic Fermentation/ Carbonic Maceration, Pulp-Dried

Drying Method

Raised beds

Export Grade


Don't own a grinder? Don't own a good grinder? Not a problem, let us expertly grind the coffee for you depending on the method with which you brew. We roast, grind and package your coffee to order, so it gets to you just a few days after roasting. We do recommend to consume pre-ground coffee within 2 weeks after opening to experience maximum freshness of flavor. 

Espresso (Fine) - best for home espresso machines, moka pot and some Aeropress recipes

Pour Over (Med-Fine) - best for single cup pour over methods with 2-3 min brew times: V60, Kalita, Malita, Clever, etc

Drip (Medium) - best for auto-drip makers and larger pour overs with 4-6 min brew times such as Chemex

French Press (Med-Coarse) - best for French press and cold brew methods.