Brazil Trip 2018

I’m back at the roastery this week after my annual visit to Brazil to check out the harvest and source lots for this years blends. I visited our partner farm, Fazenda Santana in São Paulo, as well as Fazenda Recreio in South Minas Gerais. The week was packed full of travel, farm visits, mill visits, and coffee cupping, which had me pretty exhausted by week’s end. Overall the harvest was very good this year, and both quality and quantity is up.

Here’s a little run down on Fazenda Santana and the coffees we source from this farm:

Looking out over the fields of Fazenda Santana’s 250 acres. The altitude of this farm may only be at a modest 850-950 masl, but the farm produces solid large lots of coffees that are sweet and creamy and are perfect for tying blends like Breakfast, Italian, Porch, and Cleavon together. They also produce very stellar micro lots that break expectation of the typical Brazilian profile. Looking forward for more of this to come. 

Meet Dornelis, he manages the harvest at Fazenda Santana. I don’t think you’ll find anybody more excited about what they do than this guy. He eats, sleeps, and breaths growing coffee.

Fazenda Santa’s state-of-the-art wet mill and patios. Serving as a test bed for Pinhalense (coffee processing equipment manufacturer), located in the near by town, the farm takes processing deadly serious and to fantastic quality results. 


The coffee is on it’s way and should show up here in a couple of weeks. Next post will be about the micro lot we’ll be featuring from Producer Diogo Diaz on his beautiful farm, Fazenda Recreio. Can’t wait to roast this coffee!


Ian Picco, Director of Coffee

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